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In a globalised world, we are convinced that placing the Human Being at the centre of the organisation remains the only added value that makes the difference from one company to another and is the only lever to win the performance race of the future.

Our mission is to inspire and to co-create inspiring working organisations by collective modes of action. Within the framework of our mission entrusted to us, we carry out actions aimed at acting on the determining elements of working conditions, in particular work organisation and professional relationships, with a view to improving them.

More specifically, these missions concern:

  • Promotion of well-being at work, particularly in the design of work organisations,  and internal relationships;
  • Raising awareness for a participative and supportive leadership, inspiring motivation- and engagement-based working cultures;
  • Improvement of customer-service experiences by installing “go the extra-mile” excellence services to gain competitive lead;
  • Designing efficient office spaces by adapting workstations, working spaces and work situations;

We offer our expertise to facilitate the expression of employees on the conditions under which their work is carried out, in particular during the conduct of projects such as change management and/or transforming companies and organisations and to assist in social dialogue on working conditions issues.

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All our training courses are tailor-made and adapted to the specific needs of our clients’activity sectors.

Integration of recognised methods

WELLBEING AT WORK’s multi-referential approach is based on an essentially systemic theoretical foundation and borrows from different methods :

  • Systems approach: managing complexity and adapting to change,
  • Transactional analysis: developing winning relationships,
  • NLP: improve communication,
  • Positive psychology: coping with adversity, be productive and build positive relationships with others,
  • Personality assessment tools such as Reflector Big 5DISC, MBTI: understanding the strengths and needs of different personalities.

The teaching methods we use in our courses are always adapted to the needs of our participants. Depending on the theme and the needs we apply the following methods:

  • The affirmative method – which allows participants to discover new content based on the presentation and used for information actions or theoretical contributions.
  • The active method – which allows participants to discover the new subject through a simulation, through specific problems to be solved, “learning by doing”, through collective learning: a small group focuses on an objective to be achieved.
  • The questioning method – which allows participants to discover new content for themselves by transmitting the trainer’s knowledge through questions that allow participants to reflect and find relevant answers.
  • The application method – allows participants to immediately implement what they have just learned through the use of exercises, case studies, adapted games, role plays and simulations.
  • The heuristic method – arouses the participants’ imagination to lead them to new discoveries through brainstorming or disaster scenario.

You can find a lot of our trainings on our Partner’s website:

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Coaching is one of the best ways to develop the potential and know-how of individuals or teams within the framework of professional objectives.

The coach does not bring his experience of the situation that poses a problem but his perspective on the person’s way of thinking and on what hinders his action. The coach’s job consists in having the coachee himself build a coherent solution that meets his needs. The coach helps the coach to find the resources himself to succeed and helps him to understand his strengths and weaknesses, to identify his possibilities of evolution and to manage his emotions as well as possible. The present is analyzed to better prepare for the future.

Individual coaching can be beneficial for any individual who is aware of the need to improve and to achieve new goals. The profound organisational, temporal and cultural upheavals taking place in companies today require personalised support to help leaders and managers to:

  • take a step back,
  • rebuild landmarks and concentrate on strategy,
  • facilitate the identification of new challenges when taking up a position,
  • strengthen team cohesion,
  • develop harmonious relations between colleagues,
  • manage stress and pressure,
  • improve public speaking,
  • develop assertiveness and facilitate decision-making,
  • perfect your management style,
  • apprehend difficult situations and prepare to make the right decisions,
  • draw from their personal resources the elements of rapid and efficient adaptation,
  • improve their well-being,
  • etc.

Our commitment to confidentiality and privacy meets legal requirements and provides assurance to employees that we are there to help them meet their goals.

Our expertise:

Executive Coaching – Leadership Coaching – Team Coaching – Individual coaching 

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Health Promotion

More and more organisations are organising Health and Well-being events and workshops for their employees. This gives the opportunity to the employees to discover health-improving techniques and tools through workshops like:

  • resilience and how to cope with difficult situations
  • positive psychology
  • relaxation techniques or mindfulness
  • nutrition, sleeping remedies and how to prevent your health in general
  • digital detox
  • how to adopt the right posture in front of your computer

We offer a wide range of topics to organise Health and Wellbeing events. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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Individual Support

Personal assistance is needed in specific cases and especially when symptoms of stress and burn-out are becoming visible. Our team offers a lot of different solutions for individual assistance in stress situations:

Psychology and positive psychology

Contemporary working conditions encourage the professional community to address the issue of well-being at work. Is it hard work that brings happiness or happiness that motivates work and promotes success? Positive psychology “studies what gives meaning to life”, according to its founder, Martin E. P. SELIGMAN


Ergonomics aims at a better adaptation of Work to Man. We are not only talking about physiological aspects but also psychological and social aspects. The main goal of this discipline is to ensure the comfort, health and efficiency of workers (Centre national de la recherche scientifique, 2015).


Sophrology is essentially based on relaxation and thought management techniques. This discipline aims to improve our personal balance and mind-body harmony. The goal of sophrology is to positively mobilize the capacities and resources that exist in every human being.


Food & Mood! According to the famous American nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, our nutrition directly affects our state of mind. This statement is also confirmed by Veronica Van Der Spek, a Belgian specialist in anxiety, depression and burnout, who believes that an adapted diet contributes greatly to our moral well-being.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Mindfulness-based stress reduction” is a form of complementary medicine developed by Dr. M. Jon Kabat-Zinn. The MBSR combines meditation and yoga in full consciousness, which allow us to realize the harmony between our mind and body. Mindfulness thus appeals to our unconscious through our thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to improve our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.



  • Restoring well-being and a balance between professional and private life.
  • Recognise stressful situations and change cognitive behaviour.
  • Better time management and becoming more sovereign.
  • Better manage your priorities and pursue your own goals.
  • To be motivated again and to experience a joy of life.
  • Have more energy.
  • Become more resistant to stress and act with greater serenity in difficult situations.

Further to the emotional and mental health issues, we work closely in partnership with personal sports coaches who offer yoga, pilates and other physical exercises classes, ideal for a person to find a balance between physical and mental health.

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