Our Background

WELLBEING AT WORK, incorporated on 14th April 2010 as lifelong-learning institute, is a socially responsible company, striving for sustainable development of people, economy and environment, ensuring the proper functioning of all three pillars of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The skillsets of our team are based on very diversified experiences, which we acquired in different internationally-based activity sectors. The diversity and multidisciplinary are the strength of our team. Additionally we have an international network of experts that we can call upon at any time, to assist us in our missions.

We are a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of professionals where each of us has at least 15 years of experience in industries and services like Management, Human Resources, Consultancy, Sales and Marketing, Training, Coaching and Psychology.

Our Team

Our Mission

WELLBEING AT WORK advises and assists you in co-creating a wellbeing-oriented culture in order to attract talents and to create high performance teams.

Supporting our clients in facing todays’ challenges, such as employee engagement,  generational changes, occupational health initiatives, innovative forms of working, promoting wellbeing means

  • For the Executive Team: providing thought Leadership to guarantee the sustainability of the organisation.
  • For the Team Leaders: implementing innovative strategies to prepare the organisation for new challenges.
  • For the individual: being entrusted to deliver results autonomously to increase self-efficiency which results in individual wellbeing.

“Wellbeing at work” as a comprehensive concept includes well-balanced physical, psychological, emotional and social issues inside and outside of a workplace. It contributes to the total personal benefit of each employee, thus promoting the organisation’s long-term effectiveness and competitiveness.