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Healthy Food - super-healthy apeRAW


Ultra-healthy apeRAW
It’s happy hour!
Find out how to make a sumptuous aperitif with ultra-healthy and 100% lively recipes to impress your guests while surprising them with unexpected flavors!
Through this workshop, you will learn how to make easy as well as delicious verrines and appetizers.

Target audience: Everyone

Healthy Food - Raw and living food


Allow yourself an energy boost and a healthier life

You will learn:

  • What is raw & living food
  • Why more and more people are starting to adapt a diet filled with more raw & living foods.
  • What are the benefits
  • How to incorporate this healthier regimen into one’s lifestyle.
  • Step-by-step instructions for raw-foods processing techniques-juicing, sprouting, culturing and fermenting, dehydrating.
  • Recipe suggestions

Target audience: Everyone

Healthy Food - Summer drinks


Super healthy drinks for summer

You will learn:
  • how fun, delicious and easy it is to incorporate powerful nutrients throughout the day .
  • how to prepare natural flavored waters, and a delicious fermented drink, the difference between juices and smoothies as well as the benefits of each of its methods. But also what constitutes a good juice and a good smoothie nutritionally and taste
  • what are the recommended devices to prepare these essential drinks for your well-being.
Target audience: Everyone


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